The Most Dangerous Covert Hypnosis Techniques In The World!

Today I am going to be revealing something I never thought I would reveal. I have decided to finally reveal to the public some of the more dangerous covert hypnosis techniques.

Why have I decided to do this? Quite simply because it is better that you know these techniques so that you can protect yourself from them.

Another reason is because I have recently been talking to a very good friend of mind and he told me that he has heard rumors that there are some hypnotists out there who have been using these techniques of people without their knowledge and they have been doing some awful things.

For example one man was seen walking into a grocery store and talking to the woman behind the counter and quite simply convincing her to hand over all of the money from the cash register.

How did he do this?

Most likely he used a covert hypnosis technique the we call a pattern interrupt. The way it works is by catching the person off guard and then interrupting their usual pattern of behavior. What did does is opens them up to massive suggestion because their mind is in a state of confusion and doesn’t have a clue what is going on.

When this is happening the persons critical factor is temporarily suspended and this means that we can implant hypnotic suggestions into their unconscious mind. So in this instance one such suggestion would be to hand over all of the money from the cash register.

This is a powerful hypnotic method of control that is being used to abuse people. We want to put an end to this and we feel that the only way is of we teach people how to protect themselves from it effectively.

I have prepared a video for you to watch below: