The Banned Mind Control Techniques That Have Been Kept Hidden

We have recently been getting reports from many of our readers that a man by the name of Mr X has released a video detailing some very informative information.

The information that he has released is all about banned mind control techniques that have been kept hidden from the public for centuries.

One technique is called the Mirror Man which basically details exactly how it is possible to sit in front of a complete stranger and then put them into a hypnotic trance using a very specific method of matching and mirroring to control their every move.

This kind of mind control was thought to be kept hidden from the general public by the CIA and secret societies for years but apparently recently somebody has leaked this information and it needs to be stopped.

This information is bringing the hypnosis industry to it’s knees because for years people have sworn that these types of mind control techniques simply don’t exist.

Another technique which everyone is talking about is called The Black Mirror technique. This one is all about meeting someone on the street and then using an approval inducer to immediately make them like you and think that you are their best friend.

Now I know this sound pretty basic but when you think about it, if you can make someone thing that you are their friend then you can have massive control and influence over their brain.

The next step of this whole thing is to use what we call The No Clever method. This technique is used to get complete control over someone’s entire being and make them believe anything that you want.

You can use this trick to get a raise in your job or to get the girl of your dreams.

Watch this video below from a news report that talks all about it: