3 Forbidden Mind Control Tricks To Get Anyone To Do Anything!

If you’re looking for mind control tricks then you’ve come to the right place, but before I reveal to you them to you I need to give you a very important warning.

We never encourage or recommend that anyone use this training for illegal or immoral uses. I’m about to give you the tools to turn you into a master persuasion expert so that you can instantly influence people any time, any place.

So I want you to understand that these techniques are for entertainment purposes only, because we actually have a strict code that we follow when using them, and these techniques that I’m about to reveal to you will let you develop persuasion skills so powerful that you will be able to do things you probably never imagined possible, because they are extremely powerful.

There’s a few Mind Control Tricks that I want to teach you and the first of the persuasion techniques is called “A Confusion Technique”.  What’s really cool about the confusion technique is I can give you this proven mind control tricks scrip that you can use word for word, right now so that you can be an expert persuader in 30 seconds from now.

So the first script is “The wall outside my house isn’t four foot high!”. Now I know this sounds crazy, but this is one of the best mind control tricks for a beginner to give you instant power over someone because it’s easy to learn and it’s really powerful. Let me explain how it works.

This is one of the most awesome techniques because if you walk up to someone you don’t know and you say “The wall outside my house isn’t four foot high”, then you’re immediately going to provoke confusion in them because you’re throwing their brain off, so this is the perfect time to use something like a handshake induction or any of the other thousand or so methods of persuasion that you can learn in the course.

So a confusion technique is a perfect introduction to any one of your mind control tricks that you want to use because you have thrown your target off mentally, and here’s why that works so well when you’re trying to influence and to persuade someone.

Have you ever been in a grocery store with a friend and you turn around for a second and then you turn back as you say “Hey, I think the chips are over…” and then you realize that your friend has gone and you’re talking to a complete stranger. Well when this happens it throws both of you off mentally and for about a second to a second and a half you are both in a confusion state where your mind is trying to figure out what’s going on, and this makes people very suggestible, and that’s why these types of mind control tricks are so powerful.

This is simple mind control at its best, because it gives you real mind power to influence and to persuade, but this is just the beginning for these type of mind control tricks. You won’t truly understand the mind altering power of the confusion technique until I give you a real life example of how you really can put these techniques to work for you.

We can use different techniques to get ourselves out of all kinds of situations. One example where one “could” use the confusion technique along with the hand shake induction is getting out of paying for a train ticket.

Please note that this is just an example of how you could use this, and it is for entertainment purposes only.

So just imagine for a second that you’re sitting on a train and you can see the ticket inspector approaching you and you know that you don’t have a ticket, so you decide it’s time to influence his thoughts so that he thinks that you’ve paid for your ticket and so that he completely forgets all about you.

Step 1:
As the ticket officer is approaching you, just keep in mind that you are now an expert persuader and you are confident that you know enough to deal with this situation, and as he gets to you and asks for your ticket, this is where you begin. The first thing you say is “I’m really sorry, I sincerely apologize, I should have left my house earlier, and I should learn to shake my hand.”

Can you see what you’ve learned is starting to come into play now, that last bit where you say “and I should learn to shake my hand” is actually a confusion technique, because it makes no sense and it’s completely out of context.

You’re also using one of the techniques that I haven’t mentioned yet called an “Embedded Command”. An embedded command is comes from NLP and Hypnosis, and it’s a really a way to sneak a command into a sentence covertly.

So when you say the sentence “I should learn to shake my hand”, you’re using the embedded command “shake my hand”, and at this point you should extend your hand as if you’re going to shake his, and he should take it and then we can continue using our  influence and persuasion by using another confusion technique by saying “I met your dad last night, he’s was trying to call you” which is one of the best mind control tricks to use in this kind of situation because you really want him to enter a nice state of confusion and suggestibility.

Step 2:
As you go to shake his hand, don’t quite shake hands with him. Because of the confusion technique we’ve already used, he’s in a nice confused state which has rendered him highly suggestible so now we’re going to use a hypnotic  technique called the handshake induction which will let you access his subconscious mind.

So for these hand shake inductions to work, you need to not quite shake hands with him, but take his right wrist with your left hand and then slowly bring the palm of his right hand up to his face and then point at it with your finger as you say “look here, and just notice as your hand moves closer to face you’ve just realized that you’ve actually seen my ticket and you don’t need to see it again. That’s fine, and when you see me again on this train journey, it will be like you can’t even see me and you can just walk on by, just like you’re in a day dream. I’m going to walk away now and you can continue your day, just like waking up from a dream one minute from now.”

So can you see how you’ve used a few mind control techniques together to create something a lot more powerful and something which really let’s you influence people. Right now the ticket inspector should be completely tranced out if you’ve done everything correctly from step one and step two and you can just walk away to another part of the train and then if he see’s you again he will just walk straight past you.

Now these few techniques that I’ve shown you so far are just the beginning, if you want the real deal hard hitting techniques then check out this training here.

Ok, so I’ve given you a few Mind Control Tricks and you should be well on your way to being an expert persuader by now. But right now I want to give you another two mind control tricks that you can use right now, today.

These two techniques are super easy to use, they don’t take a long time to learn and if you can follow a few easy directions then you will have success with these in a matter of minutes.

Now these are called “Social Proof Techniques” and when you use these techniques in front of someone what you’re actually doing is demonstrating your value and letting people see that you are an interesting high value guy which naturally makes you the alpha and the controller and it puts you in the position of power where you can easily influence people and persuade them to do whatever you want.